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#1 2017-05-05 06:17:43

Navin Lallan

Adobe COnnect Recordings

Hi All,

Over the past week , we have been experiencing issues with the actual recordings. The live sessions were fine however the recordings have lags, missing audio etc. This has happened to 4 classes within the last week. Are there any tips or guidance we need to follow to prevent this from regularly occurring?

Usually there is a Lecturer and Facilitator in the room. The Facilitator initiates the audio and the lecturer does the session. IS there any link to where the recording has initiated that may cause the issue?

Or would the issue reside from the Lecturer end? In terms of possible bad connection or headset, even though in the live session there were no complaints.

Hope to hear some feedback and thank you in advance.


#2 2017-05-08 09:02:42


Re: Adobe COnnect Recordings

This is a recurrent issue. You can try with JRRA: , you will have to download the recording using something like: (just add /output/ at the end of you recording link)

If that, doesn't work, try adding at the end of your recording link: /?smartPause=false

If that doesn't work, just send the zip file to Adobe Support. But don't get your hope too high... This is a very common issue. Adobe try to fix it every update...


#3 2017-07-19 13:38:55

Joel P

Re: Adobe COnnect Recordings

Sorry for the total new guy question here.
I am dealing with an intermittent audio drop issue.
I listened to CameraVoip_0_4 (first file listed) and found the audio drop outs.
I ran the file through JRRA, listened to the file and everything came out great.

Now, how do I get this loaded back into connect to replace the corrupt archived meeting?

Thanks for the help!

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#4 2017-07-19 14:58:15


Re: Adobe COnnect Recordings


You'll need to take the repaired version of the Zip file for the recording and upload it to the Content library of Connect. This is done with the same process as uploading a PDF or PPT file. Browse to the desired Content folder and select the New Content button. Follow the wizard and upload the corrected ZIP file.


#5 2017-07-20 12:12:12

Joel P

Re: Adobe COnnect Recordings



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