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#1 2017-03-17 03:42:25


Adobe Connect add-in does not launch under MAC El-Capitan

I have 3 users, all of them with MAC OSX El-Capitan 10.11.6
They used to work with adobe connect add-in under safari and firefox browser with no problem.
One of the user installed the latest updated for office 2016 for MAC Released on March 14, 2017 (the other 2 claimed they didn't install any update but probably it was done automatically).
Then a day after the update, they reported that Adobe Connect opens directly in the browser and they are prompted to install the add-in again, which they did, but it's still not launching.
(Though i'm not sure if the office update caused this).
There is an article in adobe blogs I asked them to follow :
but it didn't work ...
I suggested to enable pop up windows in Safari and Mozilla firefox, to clear cache from the  browsers and try again.
Then to manually uninstall the add-in , reinstall the latest one.
Then again uninstall and install the previous one.
Unfortunately nothing helped , Adobe Connect add-in is no longer launching in the virtual session.
Any ideas ?


#2 2017-06-26 09:40:39


Re: Adobe Connect add-in does not launch under MAC El-Capitan

Hi there,

I had a similar issue to this on El Capitan, and got around it by using Chrome. I would be curious if it works there. (There were changes to Safari security preferences that the Add-in did not support).

After updating to Sierra, I am prompted with a dialogue window to "Allow the adobeconnectaddin" in Safari, and everything works fine. Not sure if you are allowed to update your systems or not. But, was the solution for me.

Also, under Preferences > Security in Safari, Allow WebGL and Allow Plug-ins needs to be checked (with your Adobe Connect Server listed under Adobe Flash in the Plug-in Settings section).

Good luck!


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