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#1 2017-03-12 11:26:25


Time of attendees of a meeting

I have added other post related with visualizations of recordings.

Also, I’ve been trying to know how much time each student (attendee) is connected to an online class (a session of a meeting, for example a meeting with the url, for example ‘meetingA’). I have a schedule with the time that it begins (T1) and finishes (T2). I want to do that for every class.
I use the method  ‘report-bulk-consolidated-transactions‘ and for each login I sum the durations ([date-closed]-[ date-created]) of his transactions between T1 and T2 in the url meetingA’.
1-Is it correct?
2- The result is the same than using the method ‘meeting-attendance-details’ with the equivalent fields?

I have been trying different methods and I want to have the appropriate one.

Thanks in advance.


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