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#1 2017-01-04 11:34:19


Feature Request: Incorrect day of meeting alert

When user (meeting participant) enters the meeting room give an alert to the meeting participant if the meeting is scheduled for future or was held in the past.

Too many times our users who receive updates on the meeting invites enter the room on the meetingspace and are upset that there is no meeting and or no one let them know that the meeting was cancelled because the meeting was either conducted in the past or is scheduled in the future. A feature that is available in other meeting applications.

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#2 2017-01-04 11:56:28


Re: Feature Request: Incorrect day of meeting alert

While this would be nice to have, I don't see a practical way of implementing this with Connect. I'm not on staff with Adobe and have no power to change or not change the product, but here is my 2c about this.

- Connect meetings are persistant and available 24/7/365. There is no need to schedule a session in them to use the room.
- Connect's calendar is... well... not practical for every day use. As a result, most people end up scheduling meetings in their room using their organization's calendar (Outlook, Google, Lotus, etc.). Since the meetings are scheduled outside of Connect, Connect has no way of being aware of when sessions are scheduled and if they have been moved or canceled.

So, there may not be an easy way to provide that kind of information. If users are able to enter the room despite being at the wrong time/date, you can look to use the Block Incoming Attendees feature, which allows you to provide a custom message, or use something like the Notes pod to clearly display the correct/modified date and time for the meeting.


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