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Firefox 64 bit and Windows

Does the Adobe Connect (v9) plugin work with 64 bit firefox on Windows 7? Adobe Flash seems to work on 64 bit firefox. When I try to launch Adobe Connect I get the launcher window pop up but nothing beyond that point.



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Re: Firefox 64 bit and Windows

You might try the soultion offered here: … hp?id=9130

Can you join if you add /?launcher=false to the end of the URL for the room you are trying to join?


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Re: Firefox 64 bit and Windows

*bump* . I'm having this issue as well. I launch any room with 64 bit Firefox on Windows 10, the little Addon window opens and says "Loading Adobe Connect..." and then never gets past that. I have the latest Flash Player (25), latest 64 bit Firefox (52).

I've tried the mms.cfg suggestion as mentioned in the other thread. I've also tried removing the plugin, reinstalling, loading with ?launcher=false all to no avail. If I load it in chrome the plugin opens the room just fine. I've also tried it with the 32 bit version of Firefox and it worked just fine. This is definitely something specific to the 64 bit version of Firefox.

Any tips?

Here's where it halts:




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Re: Firefox 64 bit and Windows

I just transitioned laptops from a Windows 7 to Windows 10....never had any problems working in my Adobe Classroom with Windows 7 (especially after adding the Latest Meeting Update):

Latest Meeting Add-in has additional fixes and is optional.

    Download latest Adobe Connect 9 Meeting Add-in for Windows (version 11.9.980.387, ZIP format, posted on August 9th, 2017)
    Download latest Adobe Connect 9 Meeting Add-in for Mac (version 11.9.980.387, ZIP format, posted on August 9th, 2017)

BUT....with Windows 10, I went into major panic last week, as I was 2 hours from starting a class and COULDN'T LOAD ANY FILES (pdf, jpg, pptx) into my classroom!   I get the screenshot message:  "There was an error converting your file. There may be security restrictions on this document".

BY CHANCE, I decided to try opening Adobe Connect through CHROME (which in the past has not been as compatible with Adobe Connect, and often gave audio quality issues)....but with CHROME, at least I can ADD FILES into my classroom.

Is the Adobe Team working on some of these Windows 10 browser compatibility issues??  Please advise which is best and if there are any other Fixes/Updates that should be installed.


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