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#1 2016-11-15 10:26:19


Is Adobe Connect down right now?

I am trying to set up a screenshare with a client, we have been using this service for many years, and suddenly it is not connecting. There is no phone support, and the chat support line has us on hold.

Wow, after all the years, and all the money, this is worrisome, especially coming to this forum and seeing how full of garbage it is!!


#2 2016-11-15 11:25:43


Re: Is Adobe Connect down right now?


I don't see any outages with Connect currently. Yesterday some maintenance was being performed, maybe that is related to what you were experiencing. You can always check the status of the Connect environment here,

Usually the support for Connect is pretty responsive. Are you calling 800-945-9120? Since you mentioned the chat function, I'm guessing you are using the support portal at … pport.html.

Yes, there are plenty of spam posts that happen here, but we work to have them cleared out every morning.


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