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Live Streaming Setup for Video Pod


Have any of you had any experience streaming live video and audio from a production camera (not webcam) into the video pod?  If so what was your setup?

For the video I'm thinking of using my JVC connected to the Black Magic Intensity Shuttle connected to my PC which is running Windows 7 (Intel i7 Core, 32 GB of ram, 64 bit) 

For the audio im going with a lav connected to my JVC outputted through the Black Magic Intensity Shuttle to my PC.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?


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Re: Live Streaming Setup for Video Pod

We use a relatively simple setup for streaming live events:

Video: We connect a Canon HD camera to a BlackMagic mini recorder box using HDMI, then using a thunderbolt cable we run that into a MAC.
Audio: We connect a Shure X2U device into a mixer and then run that line into the MAC via USB.


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Re: Live Streaming Setup for Video Pod

Thanks Crawdaddye.  Do you record the events in connect and if so does the audio show up in the recording?


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Re: Live Streaming Setup for Video Pod

Just wanted to follow up on this.  We successfully streamed a 6 hour live event in adobe connect using Canon 6D, plugged into an INOGENI 4K HDMI to USB 3.0 Converter plugged into our computer.  We then ran 2 wireless lavs into a mixer which also connected to the computer.  We recorded the entire event in connect and everything worked out.


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Re: Live Streaming Setup for Video Pod

Walleye and Crawdaddye

Were you outputting HD video 1080p, 720p, etc?  or did you have to set the camera to 480p....  Was there any additional configuration in adobe connect?

I have the same need but have read conflicting reports about the HD signals on other threads.  If you don't mind, I'd love to have a look at the recording link if available?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated..

Also, Were you on Mac or PC?


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#6 2017-06-27 09:49:26

Miska / Ilona IT

Re: Live Streaming Setup for Video Pod

Hi everyone!

When streaming events I have used:
Video: Logitech PTZ Pro because easy to use and straight to USB. Has 10x optical zoom and automatic white balance and brightness. I started to use this because works straight with Adobe Connect without any adjustments.
Audio: Some cheap USB mixer or Share x2u. Mostly USB mixer because more versatile.

But I recommend to check this out:

Blackmagic Web Presenter

HDMI and SDI input for video and XLR and RCA for audio. So two cameras and audio.

I tested this with one HDMI camera and one wireless mic and it worked very well with Adobe Connect.
Teranex Mini Smart Panel is recommended with this one. Then you can use it easily from the front panel.

"SDI and HDMI video source appear as a USB webcam"
So no more Wirecast etc. HDMI camera worked straight with Adobe Connect without any adjustments to video.

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#7 2017-07-31 08:55:18

Alessio Scalia

Re: Live Streaming Setup for Video Pod

Hi Miska,
I'm wondering if you were able also to control the pan and tilt of Logitech PTZ camera when using it with Adobe Connect. Can you please let me know?

I'm evaluating to bundle the PTZ with a Jabra 710 so any feedback about the latter (or about any Jabra Speak series product) would be really appreciated.



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Re: Live Streaming Setup for Video Pod

Hi Alessio!

When using Logitech PTZ camera I always use sturdy tripod. That camera has standard tripod thread.
For zooming I use its own remote controller.
There is also downloadable software to control camera but last time I tested it Adobe Connect Add-in crashed. It could be worth testing again because its long time I tested that software.

For more info

Jabras are good in my opinion.

But if you want Logitech PTZ camera and some good audio then check this out.
Logitech Group

This is very easy to use because just one USB cable to computer and thats it.
If you want to cover bigger area there is also expansion microphones for this one.


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