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#1 2009-05-18 10:25:45


Integration with SAKAI

Does anyone integrate Connect Meeting in Sakai?? How does it work?
I'm trying to know how it would be done with the licensed version.
Or does anyone have any documentation of this??
Thnak youuu


#2 2009-11-11 13:45:48


Re: Integration with SAKAI

Charles Hedrick of Rutgers University has done Connect Pro Integration with Sakai.
Charles has made his code and documentation available to Sakai community at the following locations.

The code is in the contrib area of Sakai's svn server: … beconnect/

If other sites have the contracts with similar provisions, the code should work as is, except that they might want to change some of the instructions printed. If sites have contracts with different constraints they might need to change some details about how it works.

Here's the README: … ect/README


#3 2009-11-14 06:41:35


Re: Integration with SAKAI

I would appreciate if you can send me more info regarding the SAKAI intertion.



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