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#1 2016-06-30 14:59:49


Presenter 11 doesn't recognize my microphone

We upgraded to Presenter 11 this week. Last week, when I was using Presenter 10, I could record with the microphone we have (a Blue Snowball USB mic). Now, that same microphone is no longer being recognized by Presenter.

I tried using it with the video recorder and no audio was recorded (the video recorded fine).
I tried using it with the audio recorder (inserting audio individually on each slide) using the "line in" option and it only recorded static. When I chose the "microphone" option, it asked me to set my microphone level and then gave me an error message saying that it was unable to set the microphone recording level.

So I called Adobe Support and they told me that I needed to get a new microphone - a Blue Yeti. Is it really true that only one microphone works with Presenter 11? Is that the solution? Because I can't believe that Adobe would create a product that only works with one particular kind of microphone. Help, please! Thank you!


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