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#1 2009-04-27 04:57:19


Restricting access to an event recording


If we were to place a link to an event recording into the members-only area of our website, is there a way we can protect the link such that it can't be given to non-members?

I am thinking of some form of time-based MD5 option for the event links?

Further down the line we would like to sell access to our recorded events, so again we'd have to secure each link.




#2 2009-04-27 11:21:34


Re: Restricting access to an event recording

If the members of the members-only area of your website are also registered users of Connect Pro, then you can make the recorded meeting Private, and select the registered users you want to only have access to it through the 'Edit Participants' function after doing so.

If not, you can post the link or host the recorded meeting .flv in a secure area of your website where a member has to be logged in, or login on-the-spot to view it.

There is also 3rd party link protector software available where a link can be set to expire, so even if a non-member has the link, they can click all they want, but if the link is expired, they'll see nothing. I don't have any experience with using any software like this, but after a little research on Google, I found a piece of software called HotlinkBlocker that may be of some assistance.

Hope any of this helps!


#3 2009-04-27 12:03:35


Re: Restricting access to an event recording

You might want to take a look at this tutorial that shows how the Adobe IT team uses the Event Management application to enable people outside of the company to securely view recordings: … /index.php


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