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#1 2016-04-06 05:46:08

Webinara - Kristian

Questions regarding the Adobe Connect API


we have some support questions regarding the use of the Adobe Connect API.

We have reviewed Adobe API documentation. We want to use Adobe API in our website to create webinars and invite user.

We have reviewed topic . I found that here requests are send in xml format. I have few queries regarding this:

1) Is there REST API available for Adobe Connect ?
2) For creating meeting, here is request URL:
    &folder-id=2006258750&description=For all company employees
    &name=Company All Hands Meeting&type=meeting&lang=en

In that url, how i get the folder id, because i'm getting only username and password from client for authenticate?

I hope someone can help.



#2 2016-06-14 06:37:02

Shuchi Gupta

Re: Questions regarding the Adobe Connect API

You get the folder-id by using sco-shortcuts api. It will list all the shared and user folders where you can create meeting


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