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#1 2016-02-26 21:08:18


When I import texts into my project, imported texts won't work


I'm using Adobe Captivate 9. I was contacted by a company who had some projects on Adobe Captivate 8 in order to translate them to Spanish. So I exported the texts, translated them, imported them back, published the project, uploaded the first one to my server... and links won't work. (You can find links in the pop-up pressing the middle button on the top right corner). So I began tracking the problem:

· I published the Captivate 8 version file as it came, uploaded the published version and it works. So my publishing button is capable of making working links.
· Then I saved the .cptx in Captivate to Version 9 (which is the only version that I can save in anyway) and hit Publish again, uploaded the new version and the links work too. So the problem is neither the version 9, nor the version conversion.
· After that I created a new link (the word "Enlace" on the first page) and uploaded the whole thing again, just to check if my Captivate was capable of generating new working links instead of just publishing the ones that came already made, and it works.
· Finally, I took the translated version (in which the links don't work for some reason) and created a new link from zero (again, the work Enlace on the first page). I uploaded it and the new link works, although the others still don't. So I guess it has to be a problem with the export/import.

Now, the only solution I can think of is tracking all the links from all the chapters of the course, write down the caption text and link address, delete them, create them again and color them again, just like I did with the first of this one's popup menu. But that is going to take me some time, and I wonder if there is some way that i can make the import/export function to work as intended with the links? Many of them are the same for all of the chapters anyway.

Thank you very much!


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