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#1 2008-11-05 11:33:11


Connect 7 on-premise locking up for anyone else?

I have been working with the Adobe Connect support team on this issue, they are aware of it and their engineers are making it a #1 priority.  I am wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this and any have you had any success on a resolution?
Here is what I do know -
It effects on-premise Connect environments.
The customer logs into their account and as Connect is loading their "homepage" with their meetings they are presented with a white screen with a Flash Type progress bar in the middle and it will not move.  At that point we have to restart the Connect services on the server.  I have sent them all files that we modified and their engineers are looking at them.  Their support staff stated that we were not the only ones having this issue and that it is a huge problem right now for Adobe.
BTW - SP1 does not resolve this.


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