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New Forum: Adobe Presenter Suggestions

We invite you to use this forum to provide us with improvements and new features you'd like to see in Adobe Presenter.


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Re: New Forum: Adobe Presenter Suggestions

Here's one:

Graphical view of your branching, as we have in Cp3.



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Re: New Forum: Adobe Presenter Suggestions

There is a Customization Wizard for Acrobat product family that helps to configure setup options, preferences, license keys. But it works for only Acrobat products, not for Presenter.
Is there is such facility for Presenter 7.0?


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Re: New Forum: Adobe Presenter Suggestions

We would like to have the ability to span a talking head video across an entire deck of PowerPoint slides similar to how it is currently done with an audio track in the audio editor.  We often will have a 45-60 minute lecture that we have captured on video and it would be great to be able to simply have the slides change at the appropriate points in the video while the talking head video continues to play in the sidebar.

Currently, my understanding is that you can do it in Presenter 7 by specifying the same video for every slide and specifying start/stop points but this is cumbersome and I'm guessing it doesn't flow very easily.  Wouldn't the video appear to jump/skip at each slide change unless it was done exactly right?

I think Presenter is a great product with a lot of potential.
Thanks.  -Paul

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