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Add new user and enroll for a meeting

I am creating an application which contains a form that takes username and password.
Below are the actions I want to perform based on the input :
1. Create a user with entered username and password .
2. Add this user to an existing group or enroll the user to attend meeting .
3. Log the user in .

I am not able to do #1 and #2 . Documents state that you need to be logged in as admin to execute #1 and #2 . My requirement is that the user gets added as soon as he fills up the form and submits. Can someone please guide me on the same ?

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#2 2015-12-21 13:40:41


Re: Add new user and enroll for a meeting

You'll need to first login as an Admin to use that function of the API's. Creating users is an Admin function.


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