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#1 2008-09-12 04:50:37


More Blackboard Integration issues


Just a bit of background first to set the context...

We are running Blackbard Academic Suite and using SSL. Connect pro has been installed and configured and is also using SSL. Both are LDAP authenticated. We have installed the Connect Pro building block and configured this as per the instructions. All necessary ports are open and each operate as expected.

Now our problem...

When the building block is configured with the address of the Connect Pro server being all is well, the single sign on works and we get the users meetings displayed on their portal page. This is good however as we are running blackboard securely there is a warning that unsecure content is trying to be displayed, as you would expect. When the address is changed to instead of the same information being displayed there is "The Adobe Connect Pro server is either not correctly configured or not running.". To confirm I can telnet to port 443 on our Connect Pro server from our blackboard servers.

Does anyone have any ideas?



#2 2008-09-15 10:22:42


Re: More Blackboard Integration issues

Hi Graeme,
Can you have a look at what is being returned in case you run the common-info xml api i.e.
Does it return with a valid status?


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