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#1 2015-10-29 15:40:06

Paul Gilbertson

The Admin Overhead of Adobe Connect

I get this question every so often.  I bet there is a few people on this forum that manage an Adobe Connect system (Grin).  So I ask:  How much time does it consume?

If you could add to your answer some idea of how complex your deployment is, that would be very helpful. 

An example answer might be:
I have a four server cluster with SSL and telephony enabled, and have a peak concurrency of 1500 users most days.  We have meeting, Training and the Events module deployed.  On average I spend about 2 hours a week working on Adobe Connect, not including the 12 hours I put in installing the patches and updates - usually every six months.


Paul Gilbertson
senior solutions consultant
adobe systems federal


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