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Some Markup Text has been invisible in Acrobat (7.x)

Hi All,
I am new in this site, I have an issue when opening a PDF file where has some MarkUp texts which can not visible in the PDF area. But, These can found in through comment tab.New created Typewritten Texts are visible, Though the properties of the MarkUp is in Inactive as like described below.

1) Show all comments from the comment tab.
2) Find the properties there the Subject: is inactive and shown "Typewritten Text"
3) Properties Locked check box inactive
4) Try the Make Properties Default from Properties of the Markup
5) Activate the check box of "Print notes and pop-ups" from "Preferences"
6) Unchecked the "Hide comment pop-ups when comments list is open"

Please help to make visible all of the invisible Markups.


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Re: Some Markup Text has been invisible in Acrobat (7.x)


You should ask this question here,, or here,

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