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#1 2015-07-02 15:42:59


Adobe connect apk in /system/app does not work(/system/priv-app works)

I am trying to copy the adobe connect apk in the /system/app folder on an Android 4.4 phone. I extracted all the .so files and copied them /system/lib folder. When I start my phone, the app is installed successfully but when I try to launch Adobe Connect, it crashes.

If I copy the adobe connect apk in the /system/priv-app, it works without any problems.

I found the following link on google groups on priv-app vs app.!topic … sa4IsJcOPE

What I wanted to know is why does the Adobe Connect does not work when copied under /system/app ?
I have noticed similar problem with other android apps build using the adobe air sdk ( DCO Mobile, CallItRight etc ). They all work if copied under /system/priv-app but not under /system/app.



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