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#1 2015-06-08 09:29:23


Captivate 8 to Connect 8 session timeout error opening link

Captivate 8 published to Adobe Connect 8 link is no longer working. I published a simulation to my Adobe Connect account last Monday 6/1- I set the permissions to public for review by a client. Today when he or I click on the link, it looks like it is going to start playing but ends up with an error box stating - session time out – connect session has timed out - I'm not sure if this is a Connect issue or a Captivate issue - but I've attempted to republish and have met with the same results.

I'm opening the content directly from the link as my hope is to have these available to learners outside of the classroom for followup practice after the course has ended. I've attempted it in Chrome, IE, and Firefox and the issue appears on each browser. The setting is to public and according to everything I've read on the Captivate help / publishing to Connect pages it should be working. Any assistance is much appreciated!


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