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#1 2015-02-23 10:56:52


Post multiple Captivate CBTs to Adobe Connect

Running Captivate 7, I want to post multiple related CBTs to Adobe Connect (8, I think). I want students to be able to run just one, multiple, or all.  Each CBT has quiz questions.  Can I link them with a TOC like I did with Aggregator before posting to Adobe Connect?  Is multi-scorm packager not an option?  I read something about curriculums, is this an option?


#2 2015-02-23 12:26:13


Re: Post multiple Captivate CBTs to Adobe Connect

Lots of questions with different answers. To start with, I' would recommend that you reach out to your organization's reseller and see if they can help explain things and let you know if any of the options will have an additional cost.

With that said, are you wanting to track the user's answers? If so, are you using the Training module of Connect to deliver these Captivate CBT's?

If you are using the Training module of Connect, then you can create a Curriculum, which is a collection of multiple Courses (CBT's) that can be put in order and have learning dependancies (pre-requisites and test outs).

I don't believe you would find the aggregator or multi-scorm packager useful with Connect if you are looking to track the user interactions.


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