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#1 2015-02-08 22:47:04


24/7 Pre-Class Setup Server

How about Adobe offering the option of a 'test' class that runs all the time. Anyone can connect ahead of time to get ready for a later class. When a credentialed student has succeeded at logging in, mark that in the User database (with a date and time) so the Host can get a report and KNOW who is READY to go and what is ready.

- Add-In: to make sure their Adobe Connect Add-in is installed properly.  The test class display should say if it is working or not. Offer troubleshooting tips. 

- This could also let the user test headsets and microphones. They could record and then playback their recording (all from the Connect Test class). They would then KNOW their headset works. Offer troubleshooting tips.

- Save OS, firewall values, etc. (like those returned by the PODzilla extension) in the credentialed user database so the host can get a complete picture of the status of each student and be 'ready' for issues.

This would save TONS of time when trying to start a class on time, ESPECIALLY where they use VOIP headsets and the Connect Add-In.


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