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#1 2014-11-14 09:27:21


working in student groups offline for assignment

We are trying to figure out how to use Adobe Connect with design students for critique assignments. They would need to meet outside of their class time as a small group and present their design/idea with the others as facilitator and/or giving critiques of student work -- then submit the recording as their assignment.

The students are in various locations across the country so they would need to arrange a time to meet. They would not necessarily need host capabilities -- it seems like it would almost be a student host capability where they have participant access to run the meeting then receive a link to their recording for submission


#2 2014-11-14 11:09:56


Re: working in student groups offline for assignment

They would need Host rights in the meeting room to be able to make recordings and make any modifications to the room.

As to them being able to get in the room and run it as needed, if you have the Named Host licensing then they would need to be named individuals in the Meeting Host group, as well as having Host rights in the room. If you have the Concurrent User licensing, then they would just need to have Host rights to the room.


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