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#1 2014-10-16 16:26:14


Presenter 7 compatibility with Adobe Connect 9+


Our institution has been using Adobe Connect 8 for quite some time now, very successfully, and its companion app, Presenter 7, has been a workhorse for our instructors.  The upgrade to Presenter 8, 9, and beyond has been an issue for us because of the emergent licensing costs associated with it. 

As we face the newly compelling need to migrate Connect to version 9+, I really need to know this:  Will Presenter 7 publish to Adobe Connect 9 or 9.3? 

Could really use a quick and firm reply to this.

Many thanks in advance,

Glen Gummess,
Department of Academic Technology
USF, Joliet, IL


#2 2014-10-16 18:06:41


Re: Presenter 7 compatibility with Adobe Connect 9+

So long as you are using Presenter 7.0.7, you should be ok. Previous versions were a different code language, so you may see issues in presentations displayed in a live meeting.

As stand alone presentations, you shouldn't have an issue either way, though I would suggest that you update to 7.0.7 for bug fixes.

M&S never looked so good did it? Oh, keep in mind that Adobe only officially supports the current version and 2 previous versions. So, that means that Presenter 7 is no longer offically supported by Adobe, so you may want to double check with who ever you work with to make sure that there is still some support in place for you and the people using Presenter.


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