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#1 2014-10-01 21:23:25

Terry at Refined Data

Hands Up - effortlessly increase interaction in your meetings

Hands Up is one of the most downloaded extension pods for Adobe Connect.

User friendly buttons let participants change their status much more easily than in the native Connect interface. Chose from 10 buttons and optionally activate or disable their associated sounds.

Hear Laughter and Applause in your audience, See visually when the audience Agrees or Disagrees.

Your meetings will be more interactive and you'll quite literally put a smaile on their faces.

Valuable Enhancement Features:

  • Get notified when users are multi-tasking by auto-setting their status to "Stepped Away" when they move their mouse to another program

  • Host can be alerted with a visual and audio cue whenever new chat messages arrive in any chat pod or private tab - never miss a question for your learners again.

Download a free 15-day trial from our web site.


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