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#1 2014-10-01 21:09:43

Terry at Refined Data

Adobe Connect + Moodle + over $1 million = Refined Training

Refined Training is a fully hosted SaaS LMS that extends and integrates seamlessly with Adobe Connect to create an incredibly powerful learning environment.

Get the world's most popular learning platform working flawlessly with the world's best virtual classroom technology!

Perfect for large corporate LMS solutions and EDU use alike, you can offer learners a fully blended environment that has no match.

Attend a live public demonstration of this remarkable platform on Thursday, Oct 2 at 12:00pm EST ... you've never seen Connect like this before!

Just visit ... (no reservation required)

Refined Training offers hundreds of unique features but here's why you should attend:

    You have an Adobe Connect account but need a full featured LMS to manage and track courses, content and learners.
    You have an Adobe Connect account but have outgrown the limitations of the native Connect Training platform.
    You demand deep SSO integration with Adobe Connect for your hosted or on-premise account.

Here's what might interest you:

    You want users to receive personalized PDF Certificates of Course Completion with automated expiry and re-certification options. Perfect for CPE/CLE/CME courses
    See how to create Connect Classrooms and manage them right inside the LMS including post-class attendance tracking and grading
    Dynamic Branding with support for unlimited sub-domains each with its own look and feel
    HTML event reminder engine for rich personalized email communications with learners
    Full eCommerce options available to sell your live and self-paced events
    Jaspersoft Enterprise Reporting available. Report on any aspect of your learning platform in seconds
    Integration with 3rd party systems such as iMIS and corporate HR systems. Make your LMS part of a larger eco-system
    Extensive Web Services for automation and integration with other platforms
    Custom Course Fields for meta-content development
    Reporting Heirarchies - perfect for corporate reporting and relationships
    Token Enrollment - unique "Admit One" single use enrollment system provide controlled access to your courses.
    Office Hours Live Mentoring of your learners

and much more. Come and see for yourself.

Can't make it to one of our public demonstrations, call us at 1-877-643-6439 or visit our web site to schedule a meeting ... in Connect of course.


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