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Adobe Digital Learning Virtual Seminar for Public Health Agencies

Wed, Feb 24, 2021, 9:00 AM

As this pandemic has changed the way to work day-to-day, so has the way in which we disseminate training material. A virtual training program must adapt to all aspects of adult learning, while maintaining a high level of engagement.


Join us online for a complimentary virtual seminar on how to create and maintain high levels of retention and engagement in an online learning environment. Our team of eLearning experts will teach you the basics of Adult Learner Theory and how to adapt it to virtual environments with Adobe’s eLearning solutions. You’ll also hear how the Bureau of Administration from Cook County Illinois is using these technologies as they share best practices that improved their workforce.


More specifically, attendees will learn:

Tips to better understand the modern adult learner, identify their style of learning, and maximize the impact of delivery style and method
Best practices for transferring in-person classroom engagement and productivity online
Ways to embed social learning and peer-to-peer collaboration into virtual courses
How the eLearning pros create custom virtual classrooms by using layouts, interactive pods, and breakout rooms
Why the layout and functionality of their learning management system (LMS) will directly impact how learners receive and retain training