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Adobe Connect Mobile 1.7

Adobe Connect Mobile is the best way to attend a meeting when access to a computer isn't possible. With the recent changes to Adobe Connect Mobile, it's now also possible to host a meeting using the same application. This month, we'll look at some of the great new changes that are included with Adobe Connect Mobile 1.7 Whether you're using a tablet or mobile phone, Adobe Connect Mobile is optimized for your device.


Getting Started Guide for Participants
This guide will introduce participants to Adobe Connect Mobile

Getting Started Guide for Hosts
This guide will help you host an Adobe Connect meeting from your mobile device.

Release Notes for Adobe Connect Mobile
The Release Notes cover every detail in terms of the new changes to Adobe Connect Mobile, including system requirements, fixed bugs, and known issues.


Adobe Connect Mobile 1.7 Overview

by Randah McKinnie, Adobe Systems

Adobe Connect Mobile 1.7 Demo

by Randah McKinnie, Adobe Systems