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February 2009: Streamlining the Sales Cycle with Connect Pro

In these tough economic times companies are looking for ways to do more with less and ensure that they're getting the most out of their workforce. Given that the Sales department is the key revenue center for most companies, it is critical that the sales team is able to to be as streamlined as possible across all facets of their jobs. Since this seems to be such an area of focus for organizations of all sizes and in all sectors, we decided to focus this month on ways to integrate Connect Pro in the selling process.


Randah McKinnie

How to use Web Conferencing to Cut Sales Costs and Boost Productivity
Join Geoffery James and SellingPower Magazine to learn why web conferencing, unlike some other CRM technologies, does not demand a change in the sales process. Instead, it streamlines existing processes and adds additional capabilities while reducing the cost of sales.


Connect Pro Meeting Room Backgrounds

These Adobe designed meeting room backgrounds will give your meetings a polished look beyond the out of the box meeting interface. Download the entire pack, upload them to the server for personal, group, or enterprise wide use and set your meeting room backgrounds. To learn how to use meeting room backgrounds, view this tutorial.

Release Notes

Connect Pro Clock

Upload this analog clock in your meeting's Share pod so and your meeting attendees can keep track of time via this attractive clock.



Looking Polished and Professional in Connect Pro Meetings
by Alistair Lee

Using the Send Link Feature for High Touch Selling
by Monty Hossain

Streamlining Client Communication with Client Meeting Rooms
by Jody Plotkin

The Art of the Online Demo
by Vincent Toesca

7 Tips for Streamlining Sales with Connect Pro
by Jessica Davis

Web Conferencing Etiquette: Top Tips
by Jason Parker


Best Practices User Group

Randah McKinnie Join us for this month's meeting of the Best Practices User Group where Peter Ryce, Connect Pro Evangelist, will be sharing Video Best Practices in Connect Pro, Part 2.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, March 3, 2009, at 3 PM Eastern / 12 PM Pacific Time.