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Adobe Connect 8: Jumpstart for Participants


Expertise Level: Beginner

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Learn about key interface changes, including the new App Bar and new features in the Attendees and Chat pods.

November 2010

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NOVEMBER 04, 2010

The video plays for me when I click the image.

@larsjohnson: What browser/os are you using?

Note: This video can also be viewed directly on Adobe TV here:

APRIL 03, 2016

The tutorial was very informative. I learned this during my online education.

AUGUST 16, 2016

I had trouble logging in. I sent an email to you. Thank you for understanding this inconvenience.

OCTOBER 19, 2016

This tutorial was very helpful and informative it also helped me remember the tips learned when attending my online open house when applying with Sykes in the past. It will definitely help me as I continue to learn.

FEBRUARY 09, 2017

I still have no sound
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