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Creating a Meeting in Adobe Connect


Expertise Level: Beginner

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Learn about the Create New Meeting wizard. Learn how to create a unique URL for your meeting, and how to manage notifications and invitations to attendees.

November 2010

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AUGUST 28, 2014

Adobe TV on-demand tutorials are for Adobe Connect 8. Where does Adobe host similar on-demand tutorials for Adobe Connect 9? The tutorials on are not organized in a way that is easy for a novice to navigate. I woulds like to refer clients to Adobe on-demand content for Adobe Connect 9.


JANUARY 21, 2015


MARCH 11, 2016

I dislike any tutorial that gets me lost before it even starts. First thing in this tutorial is telling me to start by "logging into Adobe Connect Central." Wait. What? Where is that? How do I get to that? Then it just goes on and I can't follow along because I'm still stuck on square one with no place to go from there. How about providing the URL to Adobe Connect Central for starters?

MAY 02, 2016

The video only started with audio once and then it stopped. There are no prompts or suggestions to help a novice to get started.

SEPTEMBER 27, 2016

How do I even get to the website that lets me set up a meeting.

DECEMBER 05, 2016

Why is everything a video!? I don't have time to watch a video. Provide me with detailed instructions!!
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