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How to Use an External Webcam with Connect Pro on a Mac with a Built-in iSight Camera

Jason Parker, Adobe Systems

September 2008

Expertise Level: Intermediate

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As most of us know the quality of iSight cameras built into Macintosh Laptops lack quality when used with Connect Pro. The image is mediocre at best.


After adjusting the camera pod options to High-Quality Images or High Bandwidth the color is still off and the image is a bit pixilated. So, you decide to use an external USB webcam only to find it will not be recognized by Connect Pro because the computer defaults to the built-in iSight cam.

The next logical step would be to CTRL-Click on the Connect Pro window and select an alternate camera from the Adobe Flash Player Settings however all you'll see is one option USB Video Class Video (the iSight).


What we need to do is trick Connect Pro into allowing an alternate source. The solution is an easy one, simply login to Connect Pro twice. The first camera you start will be the iSight, and the second will be your external camera source. Once started, you can stop the first instance (iSight) and continue to use the second instance (external).

For those running VMware, an alternative to starting two sessions is simply connect the iSight from the VMware tools to claim the resource and launch your Connect session on your Mac side as usual.


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