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Adobe Connect white papers

Adobe Connect white papers are authored by industry experts and include the topic areas of eLearning, web conferencing, and security.

Web Conferencing

Bringing together video and next generation web conferencing. This whitepaper explores the three key conferencing solution options currently available: Video Teleconferencing (VTC), VTC with added desktop capabilities, and web conferencing.
Best Practices - Preparing for an Adobe Connect Event The Adobe Event Services team has produced thousands of successful Adobe Connect Events and as a result have come up with this proven list of Best Practices for successful online meetings of all sizes. Incorporating these ideas into your everyday meetings will result in a successful, engaging meeting experience for your participants.
Adobe Connect and Unified Communications Learn how Adobe Connect enables organizations to maximize investments in communications infrastructure through a best-of-breed approach to unified communications.
Validating Adobe Connect Client on VMWare® View Desktops This paper provides technical considerations and best practices for running an Adobe Connect client in View Desktops in order to participate in Adobe Connect web based meetings.
Audio Choices in Adobe® Connect™7.5 

This white paper provides an overview of the options in the meeting user interface (UI). It explains which features work with which audio provider partner, covers use cases that represent a majority of web conferencing scenarios, and outlines the best practices to consider.

Secure web conferencing with Adobe Connect 
Find out how Adobe web conferencing software delivers a media-rich collaborative environment that meets the strictest government regulations and follows security best practices.
Enhancing the Accessibility of Web Conferencing with Adobe Connect
In this in depth white paper, learn about the challenges that people with disabilities face when accessing web conferencing technology, some of the key guidelines and regulations defined by U.S. and international initiatives to help those with disabilities access online content, and how Adobe Connect can be utilized to enhance the accessibility of web conferencing for people with disabilities.
Adobe® Connect™ 7.5 and VMware ESX Server  To extend the benefits of Adobe Connect to customers with virtualized server architectures, Adobe tested the application running VMware ESX Server to determine the application’s performance in a virtual environment. This white paper describes the two tested configurations, provides in-depth performance comparisons, and advises customers on the best way to set up and configure Adobe Connect on VMware ESX Server.
Best practices for webinars  Increase attendance, while engaging your audience and successfully advancing your business goals.
Telework and continuity of operations white paper  Learn how government agencies are enabling telework initiatives, increasing flexibility for workers, and positively impacting the environment.


The Transformation of Enterprise Sales Training: How new eLearning tools cut costs and improve results

To remain competitive, in today's economic environment, large companies must continually train customer-facing employees and channel partners on products, technology, and selling skills and techniques. Read this white paper to get best practice strategies on how to deploy sales training effectively in today's economy.

Delivering on the promise of eLearning

This paper presents a framework for the reemergence of eLearning as a set of teaching, training, and learning practices not bound by a specific technology platform or Learning Management System.

Providing learning at the speed of the business: Using an integrated rapid e-learning development and virtual classroom platform The credibility and relevancy of training departments are increasingly based more on timeliness (their ability to meet time-critical needs) than on the instructional craft of their content. This report looks at one promising new technology strategy that has great potential to help an organization improve both its timeliness and learning content efficiency — using an integrated rapid eLearning development tool and virtual classroom platform.
A holistic approach to learning Learn how to create flexible and effective eLearning programs by combining real-time and on-demand training content.
Engaging with the new eLearning Discover 12 strategies for engaging and retaining learners through compelling online experiences.
Speed is king: Rapid creation and deployment of enterprise eLearning solutions Karl Kapp of the Institute for Interactive Technologies at Bloomsburg University cites corporate success stories and offers key tactics for planning, developing, and deploying rapid eLearning. Use this white paper to gain insight into techniques and procedures that will help you quickly develop and deliver your enterprise-wide eLearning solutions.


Adobe Connect security assessment (hosted security)

The Adobe Connect hosted service is ideal for organizations that want to maintain control over the administration of users, groups, and resources while outsourcing the management of systems and infrastructure.

Adobe Connect security assessment (on-site security) The Adobe Connect licensed solution offers complete control over the management of users, groups, on-demand content, client sessions, access control, security policies, quotas, licensing, auditing, and various other management functions.