Topic: get principal-id from syncConnector

There does not seem to be a way to get the principal-id from the userId that is returned from the syncConnector because the userId is for that meeting session.  I have to use the user name to query the API and from that if a user is found I can query and get the principal-id.

My issue is that the participants have the ability to change their name. We already log in the user using a single sign on from our .NET web app and that works great. But if the user changes their name then when we query the API with that name it is not found.

Is there a way to get the principal-id or some other id that we can query the API with from the attendee pod using the syncConnector and not rely on the user name?  Or is there a way to stop the participants from changing their username?

Thanks for any help and insight.

Joey Fox


Re: get principal-id from syncConnector

I have figured out what to do. I now just use the common-info and from that I can get their userId and get their principal-id because the user is logged in and then dispatch a message with the correct info. This was just not the obvious way to do it.


Re: get principal-id from syncConnector

I saw your post by searching for the "principal-id" string, and I wondered if you or anyone had an idea of how to determine the principal-id of an account holder without going through the Users and Groups dialog, which requires FLASH for that scrollable searchable list.
I would like to be able to send a password-reset link from my iPad, and I can get to the admin screens, and insert the URL to get to the INFO screen of a USER, but I need the principal-id to insert, and so far, all I can find is the Users & Groups tab, which needs FLASH! :-(   
Any suggestions?