Topic: Getting Audio to Work Both Ways

Am novice to AC Pro, having downloaded the trial version and trying to make it work. Have discovered many wonderful features. However, have strong interest in getting the audio broadcasting to work.  So far, have only been able to make the audio for the host to work. There is no audio for participants--that is, they cannot broadcast. They can hear the host. Have looked for boxes to check, etc. and found nothing. Selected the "multiple users" option.  Nothing worked.  The quality is excellent going out from the host.

Can anyone help me?  You can email me at thomas@trpne.com.



Re: Getting Audio to Work Both Ways

Hey Thomas,

By default, only the presenter and host have the ability to use the camera and voice pod to broadcast audio.  While this works well for webinars, there are often cases where you want to give others this ability.  You have 2 options.
1 - promote your participants to presenters (you can also use the auto-promote capability to do this on entry to the meeting)
2 - select the participant(s), then use the actions menu at the bottom of the pod to "Enhance Participant Rights".

I've posted a tutorial on this here:
http://www.connectusers.com/tutorials/2 … /index.php