Topic: meeting room quota

hi dear friends

is there any way to set quota's for concurrent users in meeting rooms for an account..?
for example no room can have more than 20 participants..

thanks in advance


Re: meeting room quota

Connect's current licensing model does not support that type of functionality. You may be able to make a custom SWF file that lives in the background of the room that would monitor how many people are in the room and then turn on the "Block Incoming Attendees" function when the room hit 20. That may be worth exploring.


Re: meeting room quota

thanks again jorma for reply

is it possible for the swf file to automatically enables the bolock incoming attendees function when the room hit 20..?


Re: meeting room quota

Honestly, that is something that you would just have to tinker with and see. I'm sure there is some way to do it, but we haven't gone down that road before. Whether you are turning on the block incoming attendee feature, occluding the room, changing the room to private instead of public access, or some other method, I'm sure there is a way to get it done.