Topic: Synchronizing audio files

I have only used MS Producer in the past, so I certainly hope this expensive software does more than the free one we used to use !  It was very simple to synchronize audio/video to PPT slides using Producer.  I can't seem to figure it out in Presenter, and I'm running out of time !  Isn't that always the way?

Anyway, when I select synchronize audio, which seems like what I want, it appears to be looking for slide animations.  There are no slide animations, just 20 slides, each with narration, and one audio file that I imported.  In Producer, you select the "synchronize" option, hit the play button, then just keep hitting "next" and progress through the presentation until the end.

How do I do the same in Presenter?  I can't find anything in the user manual or help (which is the same as the user manual) that explains this.

HELP, I'm supposed to have this done today !  Ugggghhhhhh !!


Re: Synchronizing audio files

The biggest hang up here is that you can only import one audio file to one slide. There is a fix though. While it is not the easiest process is will work. Go into the presenter menu then select audio editor. From there you will see your audio in a wave format. You should also see, either at the very beginning or very end, all of your slide markers. Just simply click and drag your slide markers to where in the audio file you would like the slide to change.

The downside to doing this method is that you will not be able to see the presentation while you adjust the slide timings. There is a timeline at the top of this diolouge box so if you know how long you want each slide to be presented, this may make things easier.

In the future with the product if you can have the audio for each slide in a separate recoding, that will make your job easier, just import the audio to the slide and move on.



Re: Synchronizing audio files

Thank you, I actually figured that out eventually.  We're used to using MS Producer, and it was so easy to synchronize one audio file to a slide presentation.  Guess we're going to have to rethink our process.  Question, the only thing the narrator would really need is a good microphone, correct?  I'm assuming they don't need to have Presenter on their computer, they could just use the narrate slideshow option in Powerpoint and send me the Powerpoint slide, right?


Re: Synchronizing audio files

Correct, any software that will record a wave or mp3 audio file can be imported to Presenter later. So all the narrator will need is a microphone and the software to record his audio. The PPT file could be a good tool for guiding the narrator.