Topic: 508 Compliance

Does anyone know if any of the accessibility software listed below are compatible with Adobe Connect? Thanks!

- Text magnification/screen reader software (Supernova and Zoomtext)
- Editing Software (Read Write Gold)
- Dragon Naturally Speaking (Voice Recognition Software)


Re: 508 Compliance

Hi there,

You can view the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template here:
http://www.adobe.com/accessibility/prod … beconnect8

It details how Adobe Connect complies with Section 508.

In terms of the products you mention in your post - I can't say that I'm familiar with any except Dragon Naturally Speaking.  I believe that should work, but most QA testing goes into screen reading software (JAWS, WinEyes, etc


Re: 508 Compliance

Thanks! If you find out anything else, please share.