Topic: Need to mute sound in video clips

I have several Presenter courses created with a few video clips spread throughout.  The course is narrated and when I try to publish with Presenter 7.0.7 I'm unable to mute the sound on the video clips so it doesn't play over the audio which is what happens now.  I found a setting under Edit Video to Mute Audio at Playback but this setting seems to have no effect no matter if selected or not.  I found an article on Adobe's website that said this was a known issue with the current release but that was from August and I'm assuming they would have fixed it by then or created some sort of work around.  Does anyone know of an easy way to fix this so that I can publish?



Re: Need to mute sound in video clips

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Re: Need to mute sound in video clips

If you are just looking to mute the audio on the video, I would use a video editing tool. I know there are some free tools out there, and someone here can speak to them. I would use AVS, www.avs4you.com ($59), you get all of their tools for the purchase of a license, and the video editor is just a part of the full suite.