Topic: Answer Feedback doesn't seem to work

I'm having great difficulty with answer feedback in quizzes.

I have built a simple multiple choice quiz with three options for answers.
I would like the user to have 2 tries to get the correct answer.

If they get the correct answer at anytime I would like them to get the correct answer response. However, if they select a wrong answer on the second attempt, they should get a pop-up telling them that their selection is incorrect and supplying them with the correct answer. My problem is this:

1) the retry button is intermittent. After submitting an incorrect message, the answer feedback pops up on the first attempt even tho the "retry" button has been selected.
2) the answer feedback takes about 3 seconds to display -- anyway to speed it up?

One other issue:

If the feed back popup crosses over one of the answer options, the text appears through the pop-up.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Re: Answer Feedback doesn't seem to work

While Presenter can have custom feedback that allows you to give a specific response for the answer given in a Multiple Choice question, it is not set up to do failure levels. But this may be the easiest way to achieve your goals in Presenter. Just select the answer in the Quiz Manager and then select the "Advanced..." button.

You may also want to look at Captivate, where you can have up to three failure levels (depending on how many attempts you allow) that can have an increasingly helpful level of guidance.


Re: Answer Feedback doesn't seem to work

Thanks for the information. I slowly learned this feature about Presenter. 

Also, am I correct that if the pop-up overlaps with the multiple choice answers, the text will show through? This is problematic, as sometimes there is very little clear space to place the pop-up.


Re: Answer Feedback doesn't seem to work

I can't replicate the problem of the answer text showing over the feed back box. What version of Presenter are you using? This sounds like something that could have been an issue in 7.0.2 or older.


Re: Answer Feedback doesn't seem to work

Jorma, I'm having a slightly different issue, but certainly related. On the second attempt of a course, the user is stopped after answering the first test question after clicking "submit". THe course just stops - no feedback box appears and the forward or backward buttons on the control panel do not work. essentially, the user is blocked from continuing with the course.

I've checked "Unlimited Attempts" for the course setting.

any ideas?


Re: Answer Feedback doesn't seem to work

Not being a fan of the multiple attempts feature, I haven't used it in a while. I suppose this could be a bug that disables navigation after the first attempt, but that would be best answered by Adobe Support.

My biggest gripe with allowing multiple attempts is that it messes up reporting. In the simplest way to explain it, Presenter will not report the results of the quiz unless the user passes or reaches the predefined number of failures (never in your case with unlimited attempts), so I am very likely to get a 100% pass rate reported. This means that I miss out on seeing where my users are either not comprehending the questions I'm asking, or what questions I'm asking poorly.  So my trainings are set up so that if the user fails, they must close the presentation and re-access it from the server (where they can have unlimited attempts that don't affect reporting).