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I believe this problem has only appeared since connect 8.

I am simply login users to connect from my application using php, and then trying to open a meeting room with the breeze session id in the url, but somehow it's not working, when I redirect to the room it asks for the username and password again.

What bugs me is that I get a the breeze id correctly after my HTTP login request, so I'd say it's working properly, but when I try to use this id to open the open, it does not accept it, like if that id was already destroyed.

Here is a php example of what i'm doing :

$req = new HTTP_Request("http://mysite/api/xml?action=login&login=blah&password=blah);

$objCookie = $req->getResponseCookies();

Then I return the breeze id to my front end, made in Adobe Flex and try to open the meeting room :

var url:URLRequest = new URLRequest(meetingRoomURL + "?session="+BreezeId);

Am I doing something wrong?


Re: Login from application problem

Try appending ?mode=xml to the url request. This will show you the XML used to generate the page, and may provide a clue. We have been working an issue with session management and header authentication for some time now and this has given some clues as to the "why" although not yet how to fix it.


Re: Login from application problem

Thx for the quick reply!

Seeing the xml from that page might be quite useful indeed, here is what I get :

<status code="no-access" subcode="no-login"></status>
<common locale="fr" time-zone-id="85">

Of course the no-access status was predictable, BUT here is what I think is causing the problem : the cookie in the xml above is actually different than the one I write in the url, as you can see in the XML above...

Now i'm quite confused, where is he getting that new session id from? Is he making a new one because the one i'm providing is already destroyed?


Re: Login from application problem

This is EXACTLY the issue we are facing. I am going to reference this forum posting in an update to the Adobe tech I am working with on the issue. In our case, an old session does not ever seem to be invalidated or something, because the same session (<cookie> tag) is used regardless of how many times the user logs in and out, re-authenticates, etc.


Re: Login from application problem


I really have problems understanding why it works if I make the login request manually from my browser address bar, but when I create the HTTP request via PHP it just won't work.

Also before Connect8 it used to work without any problems. But since version8, our users have to log twice to get to their room because of that problem, so it's kind of annoying.

Let me know if you have anything new on the issue and thank you for your time!