Topic: recording main training room and breakout rooms

in order to record a breakout room (including audio) you have to stop recording in the main room, start recording in the breakout room, and then (on returning to the main room) start recording again in the main room. is this the only way? is there a way or recording (including audio) two or more breakout room sessions and then continue to record and move back into the main training room? Thanks!


Re: recording main training room and breakout rooms

Hey Nick,

Unfortunately, there's no way to recording muliple breakout sessions simultaneously.  Only the main meeting room is recorded during breakouts.  I have a couple of suggestions though:

- There is a feature that allows you to bring any content from the breakout rooms into the main meeting.  Although the breakout itself doesn't get recorded, you can still ensure that the output from the breakout room does get added to the recording.

- Instead of the workflow of stopping and starting the recording, I would recommend keeping one of your breakout groups in the main meeting.  This way, at least their breakout session would be part of the recording and you wouldn't have to start/stop everything.

Alternatively, you could use separate Adobe Connect meeting rooms.  Each of these can be recorded and you  could provide links to those separate rooms in your main meeting.  You could turn on 'Auto Promote" to ensure that everyone who joins the meeting is able to take notes, screen share, etc...  The downside of course is that there's no easy way to communicate to all of the separate breakout rooms at once.


Re: recording main training room and breakout rooms

many thanks Alistair, really appreciate your input!