Topic: Slide Titles in the TOC?

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone have any tricks for setting up the names of the tabs in the player?

I have a powerpoint deck with many slides, but I don't want each slide to show up. I only want the title slide for each section to show up (so the user does not have to scroll)

I know that Cp will allow TOC nesting controls...but I can not find the similar set of controls in presenter.

Any thoughts on this one?

Thank you,


P.S. I am using PPT 2010 and the most recent version of Presenter.


Re: Slide Titles in the TOC?

Presenter doesn't allow the same functionality for the side bar as the TOC in Captivate. You can rename the slides, based on the "Header" text box in PPT or by changing the display name in the Slide Properties dialog in Presenter.


Re: Slide Titles in the TOC?


That is what I figured. I have seen anything in the normal settings...I wanted to avoid having 50 slides all displaying in the margin for scrolling.

I will just have to import the presentation into Cp instead and use the TOC.