Topic: Adobe Presenter and Adobe Connect Publish License

I'm very interested in purchasing Adobe Presenter but I just found out that if I wanted to publish my Powerpoints directly into Adobe Connect I would not only need to purchase Presenter I would also need to purchase a License that would allow me to directly publish into my Adobe Connect account.

Is this true?

Also I downloaded a trial copy of Presenter to test out but my trial period expired and I did not get to completey test out all of it's features. How do i go about somehow resting my trial time or getting a new trial copy of Presenter.



Re: Adobe Presenter and Adobe Connect Publish License

The license you are referring too is the Hosted Access license and is required for publishing to accounts hosted by Adobe. If you have your own Connect server, then you don't have to purchase those licenses, as it is your own server to control who pushes content up to it.

As to extending the trial period of Presenter, it is something that cannot be done on the computer you have been working on. If you install Presenter on another computer, then you could have another 30 day trial. This is how all Adobe software works.

Your best option is to use a second computer, or to purchase Presenter.


Re: Adobe Presenter and Adobe Connect Publish License

OKy, I was able to install Presenter on another computer. But now when I try to puiblish a test file to see if I can save as a SFW, PDF, etc.. I get an "Adobe Presenter failed to open because either it is not licensed or there is an error in the licensing system..."

I installed Presenter in Trail mode so sure I don't have a license but I thought I should at least be able to save a test PowerPoint to see how it will look once I upload into Adobe Connect.

Does the trail copy not give you the option to save.  I would assume most folks would like to test out the save option to see how the file would then look in Adobe Connect.


Re: Adobe Presenter and Adobe Connect Publish License

This was a known issue with early versions of Presenter7 and IE9. Try uninstalling it, and reinstalling this version (7.0.7) which should not have that issue: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/tdrc/index … =presenter

If that doesn't resolve the issue, you may need to go through the steps listed here: http://www.connectusers.com/forums/cucb … 428#p19428


Re: Adobe Presenter and Adobe Connect Publish License

Thank you. The issue is now resolved.  Installing Presenter 7.0.7 works.  I'm now able to test out the Publishing option.