Topic: Review Mode in Training from Recorded Meeting Content


I am trying to do the following:

We are doing a series of meetings that are recorded and shared with customers.  We would like to collect customers answers to poll questions and since the polling feature does not work in a recorded meeting, I decided to build survey questions in Presenter to gather the feedback we would like.

So, I have built my Presenter file that contains my meeting content and then a few survey slides, but when in the recorded meeting I need to interact with the poll questions for my slides to progress.  Then:
- I am going in  and making the recorded meeting a piece of Content
- I then attach it to Training link
- However, anyone who accesses that Training gets the message that they are in Review Mode. 

I was guessing that it is because I interacted with the content in the original recorded meeting, but I did also try just having all of my recorded content in on Presenter file, and building my survey in another file that I would not have to interact with to move it along, and it was still an issue.

Is there any way to accomplish what I am trying to do?

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Re: Review Mode in Training from Recorded Meeting Content

I believe the problem is the training content in the recording. While interactive content is still interactive in the recording, the fact that it is being displayed in a recording is the problem. The short version of it, is that the recording calls to the training object, and interacts with it as you (the individual who was accessing it in the recording). Thus, since you have interacted with the training object, and passed (or failed the predefined number of times), it shows the content in review mode.

The best solution would be to have the recording deliver the information from the live session, and then have the Presenter course as a second object in a curriculum. This would allow the student to watch the session, then go take the quiz following it and it would all be referenced and tracked as that individual.


Re: Review Mode in Training from Recorded Meeting Content

Thank you, Jorma.  I guess what I was trying to accomplish was a way to poll people in a recorded session to make them feel like they were interacting (and I wanted their data!) and it does not appear that I can do that.  I suppose we could just survey them afterwards.