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I have created my first presenter 7 PPT and published it to my local drive and a zip file. When I play it locally, or send the zip file to another machine and unzip, everything works.

When I publish the full structure to an external web server and then view the videos in the sidebar or main window don't show.

Any ideas?



Re: Presenter Videos not showing when live

which web server did you deploy the content to? Does the status bar show "Playing" (and keeps on playing without video) or "Buffering" (and is stuck at a point)?

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Re: Presenter Videos not showing when live

Here it is here - http://www.dalbuie.com/Hello/index.htm - a windows server, but have tried it on 2 others with the same result.

The first slide has a video in the main window after 5 seconds and the other 2 have side bar videos.

The slides take the same length of time to pass as if the video was in place.


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Re: Presenter Videos not showing when live

Done some more testing and if I build a page to embed the 3 separate .flv files that are in the data directory, play them and then go back to the main presentation everything works as I would expect.

Looks to me like a preload issue - any idea how I can pre-load all the flv files


Re: Presenter Videos not showing when live

Guessing that you are onto something with the preload issue. This is a quote from Jorma at Realeyes Connect which speaks to how Presenter preloads:
"Understand that Presenter loads by loading the first three slides while you are looking at the loading screen. Then it begins preloading an additional slide in the background every three seconds. So depending on the size and quantity of the videos, an the frequency they come up in the presentation, the end user may be attempting to preload multiple videos at the same time. You may find that a presentation with less or less frequent videos may have a better result."
The full thread from which I pulled that text is here:
http://www.connectusers.com/forums/cucb … ?pid=17803


Re: Presenter Videos not showing when live

I don't think the issue is the time it takes to download the videos as they are quite small - just 5 second test FLV files. If you try the link above you'll se that it doesn't even try to get them, just seems to play the slide and not even try to get them.
Can't find any settings that allow me to make sure the videos are downloaded.


Re: Presenter Videos not showing when live

Ok, I'm not sure what is going on but it is clear that, at least on slide one, the video should play after 5 seconds and last for a total of 8411 seconds (140 minutes or 2.3 hours). This is what I'm seeing from the XML for the slides:

XML wrote:

<flvContents><flvContent url="resources/IL test 5_(L)_256_1_54725.flv" PosX="36" PosY="355" Height="134.625" Width="240.656" playAfterTime="5" duration="8411" StartTime="0" StopTime="8411" FadeIn="1" FadeOut="0" FadeSpeed="1" MuteAudio="0" IsH264="0"/></flvContents>

When testing the two FLV versions (one in Data and one in resources) neither play as valid video files. There is also an Mp4 version in the data folder, that also doesn't work. I would double check that the video files were not corrupted when uploaded to the server. Try re-uploading, and I'm not sure why the video files would live in the data folder, as they should all be in the resources folder, as indicated by the call in the XML above.


Re: Presenter Videos not showing when live

After much playing about I find it only works if I pre encode the videos using Adobe Media Encoder and encoding as FLV. If I import into presenter as WMV and allow it to automatically encode they don't work.