Topic: publishes quiz in wrong order

Re: New user - Hello, i am also new to adobe presenter,
i am wondering if anyone can help? - when i publish my quiz either locally or to our connect sever, the quiz questions are in the wrong order, my feedback survey questions about the end-user experience of the module, appear in the middle of the module quizz questions that relate to the content? - rather than at the end
i have taken the presenter tutorial, retraced my settings, and manually adjusted the Go to slide in the settings  task bar .

if anyone has a suggestion ?   thank you


Re: publishes quiz in wrong order

Hey Sally Ann,

There is an option in the Quiz Manager to randomize the order of the quiz questions.  This makes cheating harder since students can't use an answer key.  I believe this is turned off by default - but it may be turned on for you. 

It seems like this would cause the behaviour you're experiencing.  You can simply uncheck this option to have the questions asked in the standard order.



Re: publishes quiz in wrong order

Many thanks Alistair -I will give it a go