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Hello -- I am creating a class, and we only want folks to take it one time.  As they go along, if they get an answer wrong, I want them to get the correct answer.  I have tried to accomplish this by within Presenter, going to Options on each question, and saying "If Incorrect, go to slide #24 for example - here I have the correct answer built on that slide. ".. not sure if this matters, but the end of the course is on slide 17, the first quiz question on slide 18 and the slide I am directing them to for the right answer is on slide 24.

When I publish and go to take the quiz, and answer incorrectly - click anywhere to move on a little box comes up to say that there are unanswered questions in this quiz - If I click Yes, I will leave the quiz (therefore not having the opportunity to go back) - and it does show me my correct answer, but I can't go back to my quiz.  If I click No, I continue on with the quiz and then when I answer the last one all of my slides with the correct answers just go ahead and run one after another. 

Has anyone else had this issue, or can see what I may be doing wrong?


Re: Giving Correct Answers after Incorrect Quiz Submission


What I would do is use the Advanced Answer tool for the multiple choice questions. Just look for the "Advanced" button next to the answers in the Edit tool for the multiple choice question. By using this you can have a feed back box for each potential answer that can explain why their answer was wrong/right and then clarify why the correct answer is correct. When you use this, the viewers will no longer get the correct/incorrect feedback box that is normally seen.

This allows you to give whatever feed back is needed with out leaving the quiz and getting the issue you described.

The other option is to put content slides between the quiz slides. This way you can set up the navigation so that the user will skip that review slide if they get the answer correct and will continue to the review slide if they get it wrong. You can experiment with hiding the slides, so they don't show on the outline or thumb tab, but they will then show the quiz tab.

Personally I like the Advanced answer tool best


Re: Giving Correct Answers after Incorrect Quiz Submission

Jorma -- Thank you very much, I always appreciate your answers.  I actually was still a bit confused until I went to send you another question and realized, that in that advanced area, I can type a different response for each of my answers on the quiz.  Perfect!!!


Re: Giving Correct Answers after Incorrect Quiz Submission

Glad it worked out. I should have put a shot of the Advanced Answer dialog. Glad it works for you (and saves you the pain of branching navigation in Presenter/PPT).


Re: Giving Correct Answers after Incorrect Quiz Submission

Hi Jorma, All, I noticed the ADVANCED... Button does not show-up for Multiple-Select (checkbox) Answer questions.  How do you get the same specific answer feedback for such questions?  The global PASS/FAIL Response would be too generic for a quiz which includes multiple questions.  Thanks for the feedback!


Re: Giving Correct Answers after Incorrect Quiz Submission

The Advanced answer option is only for the single answer type question. This functionality is disabled for the multiple answer option due to the fact that it would be impractical to give feedback based on every potential answer combination, and the custom message is only tied to a single response.

If you are looking to have people select a combination of answers, try listing the combinations as single answers and you can then give custom feed back as to why the incorrect combinations are incorrect.