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My problem is pretty simple to explain but I doN't know if is there a way to fix it. One of my client has a presentation. I'm so new in this and he wanted to have the accessibility options in his presentation which "tab" and other player controls runs well. but also he has some pages with links, buttons and quizes. When we use tab to reach that contents presenter acts like content is an image and skips everything inside it, means tab key cycles just between player controls. Is there any way to make it available to use keyboard shortcuts for the content also, such as clicking links, answering quiz questions or clicking list items for other sections. thanks

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Re: Searched all over but couldn't find anything.

Are the quizzes built in Presenter? If so, you should be able to tab through and interact with them.

For links, you could put them in the Attachments button on the play bar (it looks like a paper clip) and have the viewers navigate to that. Not ideal, but it is what we have.


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hi I think they are not created with presenter. I'm sure that the links I was talking about created as flash movie ( swf ) but tab key never goes into the presentation area ever. here is what they have as links. all these buttons are clickable but never gets focus.



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I recall from a discussion quite some time ago, that putting an interactive SWF in Presenter can have some hangups. This is mostly due to the fact that since the SWF is playing with in the Presenter SWF, the Presenter SWF takes priority for key strokes.

This came up with regard to interactive Captivate content that was looking to have the viewer type in it and the text entry boxes were non-functional. This may be the result of something similar, that the "Tab" keystroke is dominated by Presenter and doesn't ever make it into the SWF question you have embedded.

If I'm recalling this wrong, or anyone else has thoughts, please chime in. Also, I'm not sure if this is something that will be resolved with Presenter 7.0.7 or not.


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AFAIK, it won't work with Presenter published files :(-