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Topic: synchronizing ppt with video talking head

Hi, im fairly new to Adobe presenter and have searched the web the whole day with no solution, so maybe someone here could help me out....

I have a ppt presentation of 26 slides that need to advance and be in sync with a video of 14 minutes... i've seen several posts on the net that suggest editing the xml file an placing custom in/out points for the video, so it advances at the right speed for the slides, but this doesnt seem to work for me (im a noob in editing xml's i must say)

I did also try to split my original flv video in several small flv's, but they do jump a little (audio wise) when siwtching from one slide to the other, so this doesn't seem a viable solution for me neither.....

Is there any good solution to do this !? I have seen it working (as my client gave me a link to an adobe presenter presentation online that is in english and i do have to make the german version out of it...)

Please help, as i'm really struggling to get it right.

Cheers and thanks,



Re: synchronizing ppt with video talking head

can you share that presentation link...may be someone here can identify the structure of the xml to support what you require.


Re: synchronizing ppt with video talking head

If I understand you correctly Adobe Presenter doesn't really do what you are wanting to accomplish, that is spanning several slides with 1 video. Typically I would cut the video into smaller pieces (1 for each slide), but as you say it may not play very smoothly.
You might give some thought to using Adobe Captivate which has this type of functionality built in.


Re: synchronizing ppt with video talking head

thanks for the replies....

unfortunately i cannot share the link of the actual presentations as i've signed an NDA with the company we are working for..... and i cannot use another software as presenter, as the company has requested us to use presenter to do this work... or does Adobe captivate output the same type of files than presenter !??


Re: synchronizing ppt with video talking head

Like Presenter, Captivate outputs primarily html and swf files. Unlike Presenter it uses a single swf file for the entire presentation instead of a separate swf file for each slide.


Re: synchronizing ppt with video talking head

thanks for the replies

ok the client wants me to use presenter as their site is not "compatible" with captivate.... (talking to non tech people here... grrrmmbl)

does anybody know how to effectively edit those xml files to synch the video, i've read it is possible that way but have had no success with it....

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Re: synchronizing ppt with video talking head

try to indicate timing of teh video in the xml file